Hello dear friends. My name is Martha De Luna. I am a pianist, harpist, singer, composer, inspirational speaker and much more. It is my real pleasure to welcome you to my favorite place, right here, my website. Here, I will have the beautiful opportunity to share with you the wonderful, God-given talent that I have received. Music has played such an important role in my life. I am really excited to explore all of those areas with you. I have realized the impossible dreams that I had as a little girl, and now they are true. My goal is to fulfill the purpose that God has given me on this earth. My desire is to inspire you to get the best out of you as well, so that you may be able to share with others, the wonderful gift that you have received from Heaven. There is nothing better than living and sharing with others the purpose for that which you have been made. God Bless You!

Martha is a very special pianist who has the ability to communicate with her audience. She also learns very quickly and has a faultless memory for music. I would say she is the most gifted person I have taught in 30 years at SFA. She also composes in various genres and writes elaborate arrangements of hymns for piano.

Dr. Andrew Parr
Educator - SFA - School of Music

I personally believe that… she is that talented. It’s a God-given talent.

Vickie Boren
Member - First Christian Church
Discovered and Hand-picked Musician to perform at the Super Bowl - Houston Live Event 2017
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