2016 Chosen to Perform for the Super Bowl 2017- Houston Live event.

2013 Cole Outstanding Achievement Award scholarship SFA. School of Music 2013.

2012-2013 Outstanding Recitalist of the Year.

2011 Winner Concerto Competition Stephen F. Austin University Nacogdoches, TEXAS.

2011-2012 International Scholarship-Stephen F. Austin University, SFA, Texas.

2013-2014 Good Neighbor Scholarship. International Office-Stephen F. Austin University.

2011-2014 Harp Orchestra Scholarship- Stephen F. Austin University, SFA, Texas.

2011-2014 Keyboard Piano Scholarship- Stephen F. Austin University, SFA, Texas.

2008-2009 Academic Scholarship Harp Performance Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico.

2003 National Competition Latin-American Music- Superior Level “Mary Siragusa”

Gold Medal 1st Place

2002 National Competition Latin-American Music- Advanced Intermediate Level

Silver Medal 2nd Place

2001 Valedictorian Adventist College Juan Pablo Duarte high school

2001 Piano Competition Manuel Rueda Conservatory of Music DR. Honorific Mention

2001 Piano Competition of Interpretation-UNESCO- Intermediate-Silver Medal- 2nd Place

2000 Youth Global Seventh Day Adventist Excellence Award, Dominican Republic.

1999 Basking Robbins Excellence price (high honor academic GPA) EDEM

1999 Nomination to the National Youth Prize in Dominican Republic.

1999 Piano Competition of Interpretation-UNESCO-Elemental Advanced Level- 2nd Place

1999 National Competition Latin-American Music- Intermediate Level- Gold Medal-1st Place

1997 National Competition Latin-American Music- Elemental Advanced Level 2nd place

1996-2003 Academic Scholarship Piano Performance Studio Dina Music Education (EDEM)



Some quotes

“Martha is a very special pianist who has the ability to communicate with her audience. She also learns very quickly and has a faultless memory for music.

“I would say she is the most gifted person I have taught in 30 years at SFA,” he said. “She also composes in various genres and writes elaborate arrangements of hymns for piano.” Dr. Andrew Parr


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